Cool place up the road

This was filmed 15 mins away from my house…its a very pretty place and a pretty song to match…there are 2 underwater bridges you gotta drive across to get there…its also one of the more haunted hot spots we have…I have pics of my kids walking across the bridge shown in the video…


Are they local musicians?

Really liked the guitar, reminded me of johnny cash!

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I live close to Nashville tn that’s like the center for this type of music…sadly I think this duo has broken up…

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Do you live near the gibson guitars factory by any means?

It’s a place I’d like to visit :slight_smile:

I think its in Memphis tn roughly a 5 hour drive…last time I went there was to watch a metal show its a very cool place though…

Thought that it was in Nashville. There are no guitar factories in my country as far as I know, the closest I’ve got are two hermit carpenters doing customized guitars up in the north. Like each doing 2 or 3 guitars per year, so it would be really cool to visit a place like that.

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You would probably enjoy Memphis or Nashville if you appreciate good guitars…I accidently sat at bb kings personal table at his night club…got called a crazy cracker by a legend of blues he was very cool about it though and even bought me and my friends a beer and we swapped stories for about an hour…


What country do you hail from?

I hail from Portugal!

The most international metal band we have here are called Moonspell, they have a big fanbase in northen europe, don’t know about the USA.

The english of the vocals I find pretty bad when he sings clean.

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Cool band…sadly Americans seem to have ■■■■ taste when it comes to music in general…

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These guys are also portuguese, more my kind of metal and worth checking out.:wink:

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That’s pretty ■■■■■■■ heavy…i love the guitar in it…will def check out more of them…I didn’t realize pgal had such love for metal…

Kind of off your music topic but all the M Night Shamalan movies were filmed around my home town. The one were the trees killed people actually had a few sceens shot 3 houses over from my last house while i lived there. I Got to yell things at the cast from my porch which was fun. There is also a low budget movie called “stakeland”, i believe its still on netflix, that the entirety of the movie is shot around my small hometown, 30 min from Philadelphia. It was cool watching the movies and seeing the places and roads i frequent on a daily basis. Just wanted to share! Check out “stakeland” a vampire movie, but all the M Night movies suck except for “unbroken” so i wouldnt recommend any of those.

Nah that’s pretty on subject…and very cool I’ve watched stake land and a bunch of mnight shamalamas movies… The original evil dead movie was shot not too far away…