Cool and Distrubing Delusions I have had summed up

  1. I could control percipataion, because I was a part of a 7 year, Aztec time curse That aloud me to also have amazing musical talent. But it drains your youth quickly, so I was trying to kill myself in order to prevent the curse from spreading.

  2. That I was dead,a zombie, running off my own pheses that was in my supository and that I needed to find a shot gun to end the disease.

  3. The T.V. was specifically talking to me, no one else.

  4. Every light was a camera of sorts and there was a large audiance, had to turn the breaker off to sleep at ease that night

  5. Feeling like my boyfriend was not who he was, instead a spy.

  6. I deserve schizophrenia because karma

  7. When the doctors were pumping my stomach, I thought they were all Greek gods (Zeus, athena, ect) and were performing an Egyptian brain surgery on me (where they pull the brain out through the nose)

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I think number 6 sometimes. I don’t think that’s delusional, I think it’s natural to question it.

I’ve had 3,4 and 6. I don’t have them anymore now thankfully. Hmmm… Well maybe 6 from time to time.

I had 3 but with radio, advertisements, movies - don’t have tv. I have the Christian version of 6. I often think I have psychosis because of sin/bad deeds.

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I have a varied version of number 3 and 4. I think cameras are everywhere and I think the TV, phone and internet are controlled just for me

I have something like no. 3 but not the T.V. because I don’t watch T.V. because I have delusions about television. Anyway I think prayer books are talking about me personally. I think God Himself talks to me out of prayer books.