Cooking trauma


It upsets me more than any other experience in the house. It’s like pulling teeth to get some people to cook. It was a problem when I was growing up, too.


I was the best cook in the house growing up. So much so I have a background in the catering industry. I was doing my apprenticeship when I first got sick. I’ve gone back to it many times but the hours kill me. But anyway I’ve always been the better cook than my partners. So we just take turns with the cooking. Also often used my skills as payment for room and board.


I don’t like cooking. But it’s something I have to do because I have kids and they need real food.

I often have friends over and we cook togeather. It’s much more fun that way and the food is tasty.


My best friend in the army was Italian, and he could really cook. He fixed us some great meals.