Cooking times

What is it with supermarket products and the cooking times they give? I followed the instructions for the stir fry I had today and when I went to eat it the veg were really crunchy. I’ve noticed it with other food items I’ve had.


Yes meals always need more cooking then they show on the cooking instructions

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I cooked up some hamburger helper the other night, and it turned out like soup.


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Online recipes do that a lot too. With veggies you have to test them to see if they’re done.

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Ahhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahahaha crunchy veggies.

cooking time vary due to a variety of reasons including altitude of all things. Taste and test as you go and you’ll do better with your end result. And a lot of people like crunchy veggies in their stir fry. I don’t, but my husband and son do.

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