Cooking for my family

I do serious cooking once everyday, only for supper. For Breakfast we eat the food from grocery , usually steamed dumplings and pan cakes. For lunch, I usually make a fast cook such as noodles or Yangzhou stern fried rice, which usually cost me half an hour. However I would spend more than one hour to cook supper. It is often two-three dishes plus a soup.

Since I lost my job because of the diagnosis of Sz, I took the full task of cooking for my family. Before that my husband often shared the house chore of cooking. Now I do it on my own and I enjoyed doing it. Everytime I went to my sister’s house for dinner I leant a new dish from my sisters. This way I accumulated my cook skills. Cooking for my husband and my son makes me very happy.


It’s great you find pleasure in cooking.

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That’s wonderful @green5!

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