Conversations with Cyrus Webb About Growing Up With Schizophrenia and new book "The Isolation Door"

I enjoyed this interview with this author. A lot of very open discussion about his challenges - very refreshing and honest.

I had a wonderful time chatting with Cyrus Webb, host of “Conversations LIVE! Radio” about my experiences growing up with schizophrenia, finding a life beyond the darkness, and how real life bled into the fictional universe of The Isolation Door. I truly appreciated the insightful questions and support- this was such a pleasure to do.

Listen to the story and interview here:

This is a new fiction book - based on the author’s experience with his mother who had schizophrenia.

More about the author here at his web site, and additional interviews:

And a video.

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I can’t believe I listened to the whole interview. I thought it was sooooo boring. Sorry.

Hey - everyone is different. I found it quite interesting. Perhaps its more of interest to family members?

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