Conversations in my head

I’ve been experiencing like, conversations randomly if I think about something stressful or random. I don’t think it’s my inner voice (i don’t control the words being said in my head if that makes sense) because it plays out like a video and in this time I zone out and slowly I can faintly see it while I’m in a dead stare until I snap out of it or a noise gets my attention. It’s not like external audio but it’s muffled like it is inside my brain and I can hear it faintly, so so faintly in my ears. Is this normal?

It sounds like you need meds adjusted. That happens to me when I focus too much on them. You HAVE to meditate those suckers out of you if you can and drug the b a s t a r d s if meditation doesn’t work

Do you get this during any time of day or…
Because I sometimes get this kind of similar thing when I’m in the waking up state or falling asleep which is apparently normal even in non schizophrenic

any time of the day. im on my pc mostly all day and ill be listening to music (i do it all my waking hours) and all of a sudden i get it and go into a trance

I don’t think that is normal. Talk to a psychiatrist about it to get the facts though…
Good luck

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I have really bad memory and forget to take my meds :confused: and no one will help remind me. even if i write it an a postit il forget, i try to get in a routine but its hard for me to form any routine and its hard to learn stuff :confused:

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I feel like, in this day and age, there’s no excuse for forgetting your meds often enough to destabilize you. Like, I get that sometimes, things happen and we miss a dose, but destabilization? That takes, at the very least, several days of not taking any AP, mood stabilizer, whatever. We have phones, computers, old fashioned alarm clocks, pill boxes, etc. Plus, they’re your freaking meds.

You have schizophrenia. These meds are literally preventing your brain from destroying itself. Why do you think that doctors willingly prescribe us medications that cause, among other things, extreme weight gain, extreme drowsiness, diabetes, high prolactin levels, and low white blood cell count? They know that they’re dangerous. They’re just not as dangerous as psychosis.

You said you spend most of your time on the computer, right? Keep your meds and some water right by the computer and set alarms on your computer for each time you take your meds and what meds to take at each time.

I’m not trying to be a bi tch, it’s just that meds this important are rather difficult to truly forget about. I know that, in the past, I would say that I “forgot” my meds when really I just didn’t want to take them. I have to ask if that’s what’s going on here, because if so, then it needs to stop, not just for your sake, but for the sake of your family and friends as well.


I second @Sardonic, when I said I forgot my meds, I just didn’t want to take them. Besides last night when I forgot my depakote since I passed out. I do have to disagree that it takes several days to destabilize without them. You can forget here and there and then take the doses you want at all diff times, and that destabilizes you too

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Really? Hmm, I didn’t know that. I suppose it’s just best to take all of your meds as often as possible to avoid destabilization. No games.

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Yup. Take the meds. Life is quieter that way

maybe take them as soon as you get up. or every night before you go to bed. every night

Just do things right and don’t forget to keep hopes up about the voices. See a therapist and explain to them what you are hearing, they will tell you what to tell them back.

@schizoscarecrow-x Ugh. That happens to me. There is a top 40 song that triggers me. Either shut it off or enjoy the moment and reinstate yourself in your mind over the voices. Fight through your trigger. That’s all we can really do anyway. Everything can be a possible trigger for me.
Fight through the trigger to get back to YOU

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