Who else struggles with this? Conversation wise I am very much a follower,not a leader, and really struggle to initiate conversations.
Sometimes it’s easier for me to chat than at other times. It can be hard knowing what to say.
People will often ask what you have been doing as a conversation starter and that stumps me.
The reason it stumps me? I don’t do much to stimulate a conversation from such a question.
I am,in essence, a very boring person . My life revolves around eat,drink,sleep, internet and tv and not much else.


i do struggle with that

To me small talk can be an annoyance. But if we are in public and don’t engage in small talk then people will think a: we don’t like them, b: we are rude c: we are crazy. To help engage in the conversation start asking questions about the other person. Most people love talking about themselves. So if they say “It’s hot today” you could say “how do you handle the heat?” then they will spend 5 minutes talking about how the heat affects them. Listen to what they have to say about that and hopefully another question will come to mind. Sometimes the best conversations are the ones we spend listening.

In my country, cashiers at checkout counter normally don’t greet customers.

I remember while I was travelling in Australia, the cashier could really be enthusiastic to greet customers and I did not know how to respond well.

Yeah that is the worst question.

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