Convenience store clerk saddled me with 100s instead of shorts

Do you ever wonder if they try/do this deliberately? I theorize that cigarette 100s aren’t the same As ‘shorts’ no matter what some (may) say.

The guy who did it is experienced with me… I even got him something for the holidays…

I know you get a couple extra puffs, but something isn’t right with them. Am I on crazy pills or something

I get 100s because they are more bang for the buck and I smoke a lot. Really, though, I make my own most days. Some guy said they look more feminine – the 100s. I don’t care.


Did you ever see the brand I think they were known as ‘capris’ they were long and really thin. Those were feminine.

100s don’t do it for me though and it’s a tough gripe bc I bought two packs instead of one.

Cool that you roll them. I don’t know how to do that yet.

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Well, I actually use an electronic injector. Paid for itself in less than a month. I buy a lb of tobacco, tubes, and use my machine. Instead of spending 1000 a month, I spend like 60.


1000 a month? Are you a really heavy smoker? Thanks for the tip at any rate. Maybe I should look into something like that.

Oh yeah and you really think 100s are more bang for your buck? Is that true you think? I just don’t see it that way.

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100’s? Didnt know they still did them. The polish ciggies here are strange tho - literally half the ciggie is a filter, like 3 inches.

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Lol, I’m over it. But yeah they still manufacture them… in the states anyway. I’d like to start rolling my own, it would give me something to focus on, and even be slightly meditative.


google says the average price per cigarette in USA is .35 cents. To spend 1000 per month on cigarettes you would have to smoke 2857 cigarettes. 95 cigarettes a day. 4 cigarettes an hour for 24 hours. or 6 cigarettes an hour for 16 hours. one every ten minutes. possible.

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Just estimated it. 10 a pack here. 3 packs a day =900 a month. I cut back to 2 packs a day and roll my own. I go through about 2 lbs of tobacco a month at 20 a lb.

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