Controlling my temper is my responsibility

I couldn’t think of a New Year’s resolution because I have finally stopped smoking and my weight is normal. Those two problems had plagued me for years. But, not to rest on the conceit of success, I wondered what I could do to be happy now - and it occurred to me that I have never really worked to control my temper about my own messing up or someone else’s, especially children’s. So that is my New Years resolution. It’s giving up a little freedom in favor of control but I think, in time, I’ll prefer it.


I’m working on controlling my temper, too, and I can say it’s so worth it. Anger was destroying me. I hope you can get to a place of peace.

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Good plan! I think it will make you happier to know that you don’t have to do or feel whatever your first reaction is.

Congratulations on the weight and smoking - those are two of the absolute toughest. If you could get those under control, there isn’t much you couldn’t do.

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I’m in a good environment. I get lots of realistic help here at the home. Some people call it tough love.

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