Controlling my non-reality

I know what’s “real” and what’s “not” it just makes no difference in consequence.
I can clearly tell the things trying to get me at night aren’t real but they can still hurt me. The imaginary realm can affect me just as much as the real physical one. And we can systematically prove that the imaginary realm exists (I imagine a dog. There.).
But I can control my non-reality. I built a shield that doesn’t exist around my bed to protect me from the things that don’t exist and it works!
Unreal problems have unreal solutions. I have to do things in the imaginary realm to stop those in it from hurting me. Does this work for anyone else?


Yes, I was living in a video game. I had to do a lot in that world

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When I first got here, people basically told me that I was living in a fantasy world, however I didn’t see it that way at the time. Honestly, part of me was expecting everyone to tell me that I am not schizophrenic. For me, reality and fantasy sort of blended together. Like, if reality was blue, and fantasy was red, I was seeing purple. All I wanted was to save the world, which is noble, I suppose, but also impossible if you can’t even see the world clearly. Now that I’ve nearly gotten my meds sorted, it’s kind of like the red is being evaporated, as in is literally gone from my mind most times. I still have psychotic symptoms, paranoia, voices, and other hallucinations, but I can say that, to my knowledge, I am no longer delusional, and therefore no longer seeing purple, only blue.


I understand what you are saying. In the past I would sometimes envision a field of static around me to block the government from putting thoughts into my head. I guess you would call it a coping mechanism.


Over the years i found copingmechanism myself. I wrote my own selfhelp book i can turn to. I wrote things which help me so i won’t forget.

I have a shield and armor- invisible. I have a role I play to protect myself. I have tools I use to foil the enemy. Symptoms, voices, an evil consciousness. There is this battle going on to try to stay in reality. I get attacked out of the blue or on stressful times. I have to go a bit further when I want to rest. I cope too. I have things I want to do so I don’t let things stop me too often. Knowing the truth is half the battle. Yah whatever works at the time but keep reality in sight and your goal. Not to get too crauzy.


No such thing as the imaginary realm.


I’ve tried to make a shield but fail, can you tell me how you make yours? I can’t create white light. Something stops me from making one everytime… Like I’m possessed by one of them and it shuts it down straight away

I think we have the same beliefs as to what is attacking us. Astral and Etheral bodies. People playing games - psionics, d n d too.

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I used my imagination to come up with ways to combat the voices, burying them. Or creating masks I could put on them that would reverb their voice back to them… the list is endless


The imaginary “realm” is real insofar as I can imagine things, and they look different from real things (they don’t look solid etc.). It’s easily provable that it’s real, though created by bored students, hopeless romantics and people with too much time on their hands.
You’d do better to argue that it can’t interact with us because that’s the normal belief

Shear willpower. I tricked the voices by not creating (imagining) the shield itself but a protector that could make it for me, unaffected by the other things.
Of course, it doesn’t entirely make sense so it’s not a coping mechanism that works for everyone, but it’s always worth a try

but mostly i think it is my flesh. its kind of deluded. it attacks and wants to destroy me. sounds a lot crazy. but i have a well spirit that might be from God that is well and i try to live in it. it makes me stronger and gives me room to be.

its the shield of faith2222

I was having sleep paralysis and a night terror last night.

Except it wasn’t about fictional external stuff… hah it was just for Sz internal symptoms cranked to the maxed.

Dreamt my roomate took off the shackles and broke all the rules just digging into my head…

Lol hanging out with him in real life feels that same way.

whats psionics and dnd?

This is the part where I say psionics is a special optional ruleset for dungeons and dragons

Somehow I don’t think that’s what he was talking about though

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Yeah it was what I meant, apparently there are two ways to play these games. Sounds crazy but I believe it to be true.

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