Controlled smoking

I have controlled my smoke habit…I used to go 1packed a I smoke 1 a day…I want to go nil.its just not happening .day will come…


Cool man , control and addiction do not generally go well together. But if you cracked it then fair play to you


Addcitions are never really controllable I have found. I used to think I controlled my drinking and smoking until they made it clear they were controlling me and didn’t have my best interests in mind while they were doing it. Eventually it comes down to me living without them or them killing me.


I think you can control your smoking, I have stopped smoking tobacco and have been so two months or so, I have also stop consuming any other nicotine products such as gums, which is good. Sometimes I have withdrawals so bad that I almost have some nicotine product, but then I control my brain and say ‘no’, so I suppose one can control smoking.

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yep that’s right .I am thinking of getting e cigarette or flavoured e cig… instead of tobacco. . but my commitment is not so strong. …

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Hey man I use the patch to keep from smoking a pack or more a day like I used to.

I smoke one when I wake up because my mornings are rough and then I put on the patch.

I do cardio, running and boxing to offset the damage from smoking a lot for a few years.

Working out makes you high, especially running. I did my 5k last night and then felt great and studied some more and had a peaceful night reading for pleasure in bed.

I find that exercise and studying keep me from smoking. Also, CHEWING GUM. Really helps. Trident and orbit are also good for your teeth. It’s a substitute habit.

I’m about to go workout in a bit here myself. I had my morning cig and then drank my coffee, then I felt cravings, lit another, took like three puffs and put it out. After a while smoking becomes disgusting if you cut way back. Like I can feel the tar in my throat when I smoke and it makes me put it out. I can feel my lungs rejecting the smoke and it makes me put it out.

But if I am really stressed I will smoke one. Better than smoking once every 45 minutes!

Keep it up and find alternatives. Maybe the ones I use? Maybe reading or exercising or chewing gum or all of the above plus the patch?

Yo, smoking literally kills you.

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