Controlled breathing interferes with sub-vocalization and processing of negative thoughts

The idea of this post would be to highlight the process of how we experience or think when we are subjected to what best can be described as ‘thought broadcasting’ or the very act of perceiving negative ‘thoughts’ or confusing stimulus to which may affect our concentration, our thought patterns and ultimately our self confidence within approaching a pacific task or by just going about our daily business, ‘voices’ and invasive thoughts can be very troubling to us, so whist studying some of the basic methods of how they interact with us I came across this article and accompanying YouTube video, what the basic concept would be is to firstly, aim to calm down the senses of distress or confusion with breathing exercise to inhale more breath through the nasal cavity if possible as this will work best, also by placing your tongue at the back of your palate and holding it there, you would also divert your present attention upon a chosen topic, the best one for me would be to compose a piece of music or project yourself to another location, and view that in your mind, or you can repeat a meaningless phrase or made up word as this would break up the negative conversations and focus the minds attention to something else, the motive would be to close off outward interference and limit self talk or the responses you give in return, by placing the tongue at the back of your palate you actively achieve this, taking in long deep breaths adds to the feeling of relaxation and concentration needed to focus, by preforming these exercise you will block out what’s term as sub-vocalization as this is a key component to our experiences.

So we are hoping to achieve a healthy diversion from troubling or irritating symptoms I think you could achieve a even more relax state by including or introducing I yoga or Yoga Nidra combination I will place a Link below as this may prove useful. The Irest Program to help relive trauma bonding would be the best course to take as combined it would help untie you from any Triggers or PTSD, this also would aid you in recovery from these trouble some experiences.

“controlled breathing” stimulates neural activity that makes neuro-imaging impossible to read, as well as maintain your psychological state. When focused on “controlled breathing” well enough, you can reverse your entire mental state as a target. It will terminate the harassment eventually.

Practicing “controlled breathing” while processing a thought shows a distorted neuro-image that is IMPOSSIBLE TO READ and as long as the individual keep practicing a “controlled breathing” method. It’s the ultimate solution against psychotronic influences.

Master “controlled breathing” and become “bulletproof” in modern times.


  1. start processing a thought with a breath first then continue with “controlled breathing” method as long as you think. If you can master this you can avoid the harassment anytime.
  2. controlled breathing + background radio = silence. (distorted neuro-image)
  3. keep practicing controlled breathing. Whenever a threat is presented to you, think about a toy gun.(A.I. reboots)

How “controlled breathing” improves your health:

  1. develops self - awareness
  2. neutralizes emotions
  3. improves your sleep
  4. stress relief
  6. balances hormones
  7. lowers blood pressure
  8. Improves cognitive process
  9. boosts your immune system
  10. increases alertness

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