Control over food

control over food… How many of you feel more relaxed when you manage to control the food you eat??

because it is difficult to control other issues in our life.


I feel less bloated and with more energy. I started 3 or 4 days ago to eat at 2k cal.

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I know what you mean. Life can feel so out of control.

I get dizzy, shaky and irritable when I eat less.
I can’t control my food bcz of this. I gained 165lb since taking antipsychotics.

have you tried to eat at more or less maintenance and reduce by 250 cal over long periods of time?

I feel that way too but if I do this diet I think I can manage.

Because before sz when I was skinny I couldn´t eat more. It´s difficult for both spectrums.

I eat too much. I know it’s partially the drugs to blame but I think it’s boredom as well. I look forward to my meals.

I’m not a big eater, so never really thought about it

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