Control. Of your mind

Yes I guess I did think I could control my mind. By the force of my will.

By studying the martial art of Iaido and reading about Zen. Does anyone remember when I would post pictures of swords and my tag line was:
I have swords for the fight.

Yes I was totally deluded about swords. But now I am better and don’t think that. But I did buy a Confederate calvery sword this spring. But I no longer think they have magical powers. See I’m better now!


I love a good swordfish steak.

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Yea its demons that try to control your mind.

Stay in contact with our lord and King Jesus Christ and he who threw them out will keep you safe.

Don’t answer the doors to the cops with the swords if you are raising a fuss…One guy I met inhospital did that.

Yoga brain is huge help. When you concentrate on holding the pose, not thinking of anything else, you will gain a long-lasting brain calm & over time, you can calm your mind any time you wish or get through a thought broadcasting or bully moment with this skill.

as a person told me on that hospital visit, been there, done that, burned the T-shirt.
You just don’t think rationally enough not to do stupid stuff.

Which is why some poor people get killed by the police.
but that lucky time they called some kind of special mental health cops that knew what to do.

you know what instigated that? I was playing a stupid iphone game.
I became totally obsessed with it and couldn’t sleep because you could be attacked at any time.
No it wasn’t game of war, but I know not to touch that with a 10 foot pole!

I tried iaido where you do these kata and concentrate on them.
I got good at it and even earned Shodan. ( sorta black belt but Japanese don’t do the belt thing)

But zen is an empty religion for me.

But God want you to do whatever helps you feel better because he loves us.