Contradictory feelings

i want to caress my sisters cat when i see him, but at the same time i want to choke him cause he making noises in the morning and i cant sleep… and when i take him in my hands i cant decide should i play with him or should i choke him… i never felt this way before, its like my one side loves him and other hates at the same time. anyone had experienced this?

Please don’t hurt the animal.

If you think you might, you might need help asap


Could you put the cat outside when it makes noises? Cats aren’t that loud anyway. Maybe you’re being hypersensitive. I’m not saying that’s wrong, but if it wasn’t the cat it might be something else.

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i would never do that, i love animals more than people, but i dont understand where that twisted feelings come from

It might be stress-related.

It’s ok to be honest about how frustrated you feel. I’m glad to hear that you would never actually harm the cat. Animals are innocents, just like children, and they should never be harmed. I hiss at my cat sometimes. He’s very loud and very demanding, so I speak his language sometimes and hiss to let him know I don’t like what he’s doing. :smile_cat: It doesn’t hurt him, and it usually works.