Continue therapy?

After I was diagnosed I began therapy to learn coping skills ect. I must admit, it helped, but lately I’ve been coming to session empty handed and don’t know what to say. She asked what direction I wanted to go in to continue this. Is there a point where you don’t need therapy anymore with these illnesses, or is it best to continue? What was or is your experience with therapy and its usefulness? Thank you all for being so welcoming here! :blush:

I stopped therapy a few months ago cuz I was tired of having them change at least a couple times of year since my clinic has a high turnover rate and I was tired of having to get to know a new therapist over and over. I was also showing up for therapy and never had much to say so I’d just be sitting there looking at the floor for an hour. I still go to med management and see the pdoc once a month, but I get all my therapy from my friends at the clubhouse. My clinic said I can come in anytime for crisis counseling but I’ve only done that once since August.

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