Constructing a medication plan

Whenever I get seen by the doctor I like to make the most out of it. Every time I went in with no forethought it didn’t go so good as it could have. So I write a list of all my meds on paper and go over each one with my doc. Otherwise in the past it was a how are you? All I did say was alright. Not much info being conveyed as if you don’t speak out no changes will be made and you will out of there quickly.

What you want is to be detailed. Here is a simple list you can put on paper and give to him or her because sometimes during appointments they won’t say much either.

  1. My anxiety condition

a. Am I experiencing any stress? Or excessive worry?

  1. My depressive condition

a. Am I feeling really lower than normal? Do things feel hopeless to me?

  1. My weight condition

a. How’s my appetite? Have I been gaining extra weight?

I have had instances where my AP was increased when it was just an anxiety issue. I believe being on the same regimen for years is nice but things in your treatment do change and it is necessary to have effective communication with your doctors enabling them to provide and write out the correct RXs.

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Thanks a lot for this!:smile:

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