Conspiracy theory: Antipsychotics makes us infertile

What do you think? I mean every AP causes some kind sexual dysfunction or infertility. I think the government is making sure that schizophrenics or people with illnesses won’t reprduce and stop schizophrenic genetics from spreading.

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Some APs can cause sexual dysfunction in some people, but they don’t affect fertility. We have plenty of parents on here who can attest to that.

If the government was really interested in preventing us from reproducing, they would require all insurance providers to cover birth control, and they wouldn’t be trying to restrict abortion. They don’t care if we become parents. Heck, I just got my foster care license. The government literally told me I am qualified to parent.


I think, because of basic sexuality behavior causes the schizophernia. In the start of disease this can cause change the chemical of brain. So schizophernic requires such medication which control mind and side effects are sexual dysfunction.

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