Considering trying Abilify, is it similar to Latuda?

When trying Latuda I got anxiety, especially at night when I lied in bed. Is Abilify similar? I’ve heard that you can expereince anxiety in the beginning of starting Abilify but that it goes away (often).

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The short answer is no, they have different mechanisms of action. I’m not sure it does go away if you get it as a side effect, you have to ask a pdoc about that.


In my case, even with a 5mg dose, abilify causes apathy and weight gain.


Abilify gave me anxiety so I quit after a couple weeks or so.

I’m on latuda now.
When I first started latuda I had some anxiety and horrific jaw clenching and was perscribed benzos for that.

I’ve been on latuda six years or so now and jaw clenching went away and i don’t get as much anxiety anymore either.

I’m on abilify maintena and abilify pills and I haven’t gained weight, but I know there are people who gain weight.

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With abilify 30 mg by day i gained just 4 or 5 kilograms the first year of treatment but it was the period when i stopped to work. So i think abilify IS weight neutral on me.