Considering Taking A History Course

As I’ve stated elsewhere, my mom’s recent back injury has postponed my foray into the big old school that I will eventually graduate from. I have the option of chipping away at my required courses by taking a Junior level course here. It would force me to take 3 Senior level courses, and a Freshman course. My plan was to do 2 Senior, 1 Junior, and 1 Freshman level course to keep things easier. I am shooting for full time, so that I can get it paid by Vocational Rehabilitation. They would pay for tuition, books, meal plan, and housing.

I just feel so depressed right now. My hair is falling out by the handful and she only acts hurt when it is just me around. When her friend comes to help she is all smiles. I’m the one doing the real caretaking here. I don’t have cable internet, so I can’t even watch videos. I have a Chromebook, so no DVDs. (I have to borrow her laptop which is a Lenovo, so it has a Lenovo DVD player which works sporadically at best.) She won’t let me watch my movies in the living room, because Heaven forbid there’s a curse word or a plot!

FFS! This is grinding me down. :cry:

I’d love to study history. I only have a semester and 500 placement hours in Social Service Work left so I’m going to finish that up. I can’t imagine doing a bachelors though, so many years of schooling. Good on you though!

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Thank you. I started before the Sz hit. I had to drop out when the Sz got worse.

Ah, life in the prodrome… (but I had a great deal of paranoia).