Considering Botox Cosmetic injections, is that vain?

I’m noticing some fine lines and other undesirable changes in my face.

It has me considering botox injections.

Do you think it’s vain?

  • Yes
  • No

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What do you think about Botox Cosmetic?

Is it worth it,

Would you do it if you had issues that bothered you?

I’ve decided to take aging on the chin (i.e. accept it). My hair is grey and I don’t dye it. My brother does dye his hair. My beard is grey too. Also my hair is thinning on top.

I think it’s up to you. Like I said my brother is taking action to delay the signs of aging.

It’s not vain though.


No it’s not vain @anon54386108.
I don’t think so…

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I get tattoos. People could think that’s vain but whatever. Go for it

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Do what makes you feel happy!


It’s your body. Do what you want with it. Some people might pass value judgments on you over it, but those people are jerks.

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I was thinking about Botox as well, I didn’t research much about it though. My skin has become very wrinkly since I’m addicted to tea

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Iv often wondered how obvious it would be that you’ve had it done. There are some people out there who look really bad with it

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Whether people use cosmetics (or cosmetic procedures) to enhance or to maintain their appearance is a personal choice and, as such, there is no right or wrong choice.

Just make sure that you have educated yourself on the procedure, that you can afford it financially, and that you’ve done your research to find a reputable licensed medical professional,


I guess I feel guilty because it’s not something I need and I’ve had two cosmetic procedures before.

That’s when everybody started calling me “trophy wife”,

Well, that combined with stopping work.

It just makes me feel like a selfish person.

At the same time, I’d really like to at least get a consultation.

I think it’s the more intense fillers that kind of alter your look.

Plain old Botox isn’t supposed to make you look that plump.

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I think you should definitely proceed with a consultation and then make a decision based on that and based on what you want for yourself, without allowing other’s opinions to influence your decision.

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I say go for it if you want it. Ef the negative vibes.

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Did you consider laser skin resurfacing @anon54386108? I thought it might be good enough for getting rid of a few wrinkles. Some of the before and after pics look good


I got fillers done by my mouth a few days ago and I’m saving up for Botox.

It’s expensive but I have had it done a few times.

I noticed results with Botox but not with fillers.

After I felt the filler didn’t work I want to save up for a facelift but it could take years n years to afford it.

I was bullied for being ugly am doin thevoices used to call me ugly 24/7.

I go without makeup most days so I’m not overly vain but yes I do care a bit about how I look and want to try and improve myself.

I think you should give it a go and see if you like it.

If not stop.

Does t last that long anyway and you can get it reversed.

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You’re a beautiful woman, @SacredNeigh7,

Don’t listen to those voices.


Its really up to you but I would look at getting advice for skin care treatment rather than plastic surgery. But Im old fashioned like that.

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Thankyou :slightly_smiling_face::two_hearts:

Thankfully the voices stopped years ago but when I had them I had them 24/7 for several years .

Anyway I’m going to keep getting Botox if I can afford it.

I can’t afford it every three months but every year.

Someone said it only lasts three months.

Fillers are supposed to last a year but I’m still not seeing results on my fillers and they were expensive.

I had the jowl area done.

I wanted to age naturally, be hairy and without makeup but changed my mind a few years ago thankfully.

Good wishes to you whatever you decide.

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My mom had some eye work that aged her down a bit, never held it against her. Botox is fine by me, the only thing is it’s temporary so you gotta keep that in mind. I’ve always wanted to see if I could get rhinoplasty, but have never had the money for it.

I think doing it once to see how you like the looks of it might be a good idea, as long as the doctor doing it is trained and does it safely.

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If you have the cash and will feel good I’d say go for it.

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