Considered bisexual

There is nothing wrong with being gay.


I think it is super common to be attracted to men and women but only date the opposite gender.


I am asexual. Puberty was hell when my so called friends would tell me of their attractions whilst I didn’t see any of that. I can recognize beauty but not attraction.

I’m a kid at heart. No need to worry about adult stuff. Well, I am an adult and have obligations and I meet them but when it is me-time I make no apologies for who I am.

I’ve dated in the past. The spark or the interest just isn’t there.


I don’t know, man. I had two gay dogs, now my dog is a widower.


I’m straight but I think what you’re feeling is perfectly natural.

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Well, I meant the part about being bisexual. About dating women exclusively I think that’s more a preference choice. I don’t mean to sound rude. You have your reasons.

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Lots of reasons not to date men. No woman has ever scared me or intimidated me, and I have never feared one really… unless they poison me somehow! That’ll be the day I finally get what’s coming to me I guess :open_mouth:

In all seriousness though I don’t envy women. Dating a girl you rarely have to wonder “is this person ever gonna be angry enough to seriously injure or kill me?” But dating a dude this comes up from time to time, at least it seems to me as an observer.


Thanks for your response everyone

Sure it is possible!!!

I’m a bisexual female and I’m sexually and emotionally attracted to both women and men but I don’t want to have romantic or sexual relationships with anybody anymore.

I’m an older gal.

Someone told me 20 years ago man getting homosexual after 35 years old.i m 40 i can relate somehow.but i m still attract to woman and i don t want any horrible experiences after my 40 's

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unless you’re dating jodi arias

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I was closeted for a long time because of bullying I got when I was younger

I even went to some LGBTQ counselling and I could not reveal I was gay to everyone else - and that was even in an accepting and safe environment

The reason I say this is because a guy there made a point that many people these days are ‘fluid’ rather than prescribing to a particular identity

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I thought a few times that a bit of counselling might help me. Did you get anything out of the experience?


I was put in a group and at that time it was for suicide prevention

The group was very miserable and the staff did not give us much useful advice

If done properly I can imagine it would be good

Think my expectations were quite high

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I found the group dynamic didn’t fit well with me. It’s hard enough to open up one-on-one with a counsellor, let alone in front of a group of strangers

I would try it again though. You never know what’s going to be a good fit

when my psychosis first started i was constantly insulted and bullied by the voices calling me gay, that was the main theme of my voices. i told my mom about it then my brother who is gay told alot of family and they starting acting weird and putting me in awkward situations to try and find out if im gay. now i couldnt give a ■■■■, i basically overcame psychosis to a point where i was stable before starting meds but still constantly annoyed by the voices and anxious

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I think it will eventually get to the point where the lgtbq stuff will be dropped and the natural scope of all sexual actions will be all inclusive. I’ve always thought I could do anything I want sexually and not become gay, bisexual or queer etc. I think there’s some value in naming it in terms of identity politics of people who do those sexual things having power to keep the laws from sliding and stuff like that, but ultimately identity politics is probably antagonizing to opponents of sexual freedom so it would be better off without the naming.


I disagree. I’m gay because I’m exclusively sexually attracted to men. It’s not a political label for me, just an accurate label. It might not fit everyone but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful for a lot of people regardless of the political situation.

Sexuality really is pretty clear-cut and simple to understand for many of us.

I had 24 sessions of one to one therapy, and the psychologist did nothing to help me

She fast tracked me to an autism diagnosis with the promise that it would ‘inform’ her treatment plan.

The thing she missed out was that her ‘techniques’ wouldn’t work for someone on the spectrum and she dumped me

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Sounds like all in all it was a shity experience. I’ve had my share of disappointments in the healthcare industry as well