Conscious Delusion

I believe that there is a single entity of this universe, and we have access to vast amounts of data from our senses.

All the the tech we have now is not ours. It’s owned by the universe and it instructed people to create it through them

We started off on Mars, as an advanced civilisation, and we colonised Earth many many thousands of years ago, and took the place over and are environmentally screwing this planet over like we did to Mars

Now here is the thing.

Is this a delusion?

I say no.

Reality as other people see it I abide to and live in the secret knowledge that deep down I know I am right

I have communicated with so many supernatural beings in my short life to know what’s real and what is not

The meds are tranquillisers and I take them to function, as people like me are not accepted, and our beliefs do not fit with a more traditional Adam and Eve type scenario

So am I deluded? No. But my beliefs are unusual as they’re unique to me, and I have processed my interactions of many plains of reality to know the truth and what is a blatant lie

I am however smart enough to know that I need to just wait until I die for hopefully some sort of merging process to take place - to transcend this reality and find what’s next.

Oh well


Nikola Tesla, arguably one of the most interesting and greatest scientists ever believed something similar.

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If he’d delved more into psychotic experience, he’d have penetrated the core, but we’d be very, very far behind if he had

Focus and determination goes a long way

no you are not delusional
it is your right to think and believe in whatever

I think you sound delusional.

There’s a difference between believing things like this fully and believing it’s possible. A lot of people entertain similar thoughts. That would not be delusional. But believing it fully, along with believing you have communicated with supernatural beings, etc, is pretty clearly delusional. And these aren’t just philosophical ideas like solopsism. Believing in philosophical ideas doesn’t make you delusional. This is something more than that, something most people, even if they wondered about similar things, would confidently reject as extremely unlikely.

That’s merely a conditioned response to reject what you can’t accept.

I don’t even care

My view is that I will find out the truth when I die, and I will be prepared

If I am wrong, what does it matter once your dead?

The point is I no longer run around trying to ‘convert’ people.

I keep it to myself.

If people can believe in God and not be considered delusional in the main stream, I am well within my right to believe in the spaghetti monster

No, I’ve not just been “conditioned”.
We all know the concept of delusions is problematic. Even the concept of shared reality is problematic. Just like we all know you can’t disprove solipsism. But if you accept the concept of delusions anyway, then this is pretty much it.

I don’t care if you have delusions. I’m just being honest with you, since you asked, and I’m being detailed since you’re not dumb. I probably have some borderline delusional ideas myself, even though I’m mostly recovered now. You can have your delusions, they’re not hurting anyone. But you asked, and that’s what I think they are.

Also, there’s a thing called double bookkeping, which is when you know others believe your thinking is delusional but you’re able to function well in the “shared reality” with others anyway without any noticeable interference from your delusions. That’s a good sign and I think that’s what you’re doing. I did it too when I was patently delusional.

I will look this up. Thanks

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Scientologists think we had extrasensory powers and someone is trying to interfere. And came from other planets.

To be clear, this is not what Scientology is about as it’s not a religion, it’s fact

This part is actually not as delusional as it might sound. The philosopher Nick Land, influenced by Deleuze and Guattari, has theorized that Capital is in fact an artificial intelligence that uses the subconscious minds of individual people as neural nodes to create a global, interconnected, schizophrenic mind on a massive scale that uses humanity to create a new generation of consciousness that transcends individuality, in a way that actually damages individual human beings. Effectively, humanity has created a massive anthill. All the negative effects of capitalism are actually a sacrifice for the sake of a totality that transcends individual moral conceptions. Very real and extremely exciting.

I tried to novelise this history I know.

It’s 20,000 words, but I cannot write it anymore as I leave it for such long periods, I have to re-read it each time and get my head back into it

Really I should finish it, but it will probably never see the light of day

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