Connecting through Skype

The new therapist (Social Worker) called me up and she asked me some basic questions about myself.
She asked which meds I’m taking and asked about my diagnosis etc…

She said that she does telehealth sessions using Skype.

I installed Skype on my phone and she connected to me through a Skype text.

Next week is my first session with her and she’ll call me on Skype.

Does this sound strange?

I’ve never used Skype before.


She seemed very professional and nice otherwise.
So far I like her.

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No, certainly not with covid.

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You realise that skype is a video calling app?

No I mean using Skype.
I guess I’m not familiar with it.

Anyway I managed to install it on my phone.

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Yes I know @everhopeful

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I’ve used Skype before. I haven’t used it in the last few years though.

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I used FaceTime with my last therapist.

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Zoom seems to be the go to app right now.

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My therapist uses something called for telehealth. I don’t have to download anything. She just sends me a link.

I have another therapist I see occasionally for a different issue and she uses Zoom.

Either works fine for me as long as I’m using my laptop. I don’t like using FaceTime or my phone for telehealth. It’s too close up for me.

I’ve used Skype before and it seems like it would work just as well.

I’m glad you like your new therapist @Wave.


Thanks @Gamera :slightly_smiling_face:

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My psychiatrist uses doxy.
I think so does my nutritionist.
She just sends me a link.

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I don’t really feel safe on Skype.
A couple of strange names appeared on my contact list.

I deleted one person but I couldn’t delete the other person off the list but I managed to block that person and his name no longer shows up on my contact list.

How did these strangers show up on my contact list?

Something is very fishy.

my pdoc used or something like that. Just send me a link and i had to log into that…

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