Connecting the Dots

The problem with Schizophrenia and the Internet is that you can always find an on-line source to support and feed your delusion.

Similar to having a bad cough…going on-line to seek a remedy…then ending up thinking you have every conceivable illness in the book.

I believe I’ve fallen into that trap. However, the logical side of my brain is making a comeback. The creative side of my brain is a powerful draw, though. But I feel logic/ proper medication is going to win this battle. It’ll just take a little more time.


The logical side of my brain tells me I’m a nobody…just a sh!t joke artist who can bang a song or two out of my old guitar.

The creative side of my brain is telling me I’m standing in the eye of a hurricane. It’s telling me to take a leap of faith.

There truly is this massive battle going on in my head.

If I take this leap of faith, I’m not worried about myself. I simply don’t care what the fallout will be with regards to my own well being.

But I DO deeply care about the fact that I may hurt other people in the process.

So this is my dilemma.

Please PM me Patrick. I’ll talk you out of your delusion. My reasoning skills are quite strong. Just tell me where it hurts.


@PatrickT I’m pretty sure you’re an important somebody to your family and friends and it’s their opinion that counts most.

I sincerely hope that the logical side of your brain continues to win out!

Also, your most important goal should be to ensure that your actions do not cause harm to yourself or your loved ones.

I think you know, both in your logical brain and in your heart (the truist part of your heart that will always put protection of your family first), that you should not take this “leap of faith” that you keep referring to.


Feeling a bit better today.

But I’d say I still have a foot in the delusion. I was able to drive around this morning and only a few signs on trucks bothered me.

I’m taking more meds in a few minutes…they are ‘as needed’.

Hope today finds all of you in good stead! :slight_smile:

I still have a foot in the delusion…

yeah sometimes we connect too many dots or the wrong dots. see something connected. read into it when it’s just not there.

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Patrick, I’m just going to close your old delusion threads, and keep open the most recent ones, to avoid you cycling back around to older delusions, okay?