Do you get confused easily?

I’m having a rough day. Maybe because I haven’t really slept much in the last few days?

Everything is confusing me. Basic things. My mind is just blank and I don’t understand.

Is it the meds? It happens a lot, it’s just really bad today.

I can’t even understand what people are writing. I couldn’t understand the directions on a box of red beans and rice. I’ve never had this much trouble. I don’t understand what is happening.

That messes me up too. I hope things go back to normal soon.

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Having said that “confusion” is listed as a side effect on many meds. Check the side effects of your non-ap meds.

I asked my psychiatrist for something for anxiety about 2 years ago and when I checked the side effects “confusion” was one if them so I said no thanks.


It’s listed as a possible side effect of allergic reaction that would require medical attention on my antibiotic.

Hmmm. I’ve taken it before with no problem, though.

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How long more do you have to take the antibiotic?

Until the end of July.

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You’ve not been sleeping,

I feel like confusion would be normal under those circumstances.

When do you get your lunesta?

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Whenever it gets sorted out with insurance. Maybe never.

Have you tried ambien?

I have. It made me sleep, but then I woke up about 3 hours later, 45 miles away, getting out of my car in my underwear, being woken up stepping into a foot of snow.

Sooooo, that didn’t really work out.

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My god!

That sounds both terrifying and still a little hilarious.

I’m so sorry,

I wish there was a simple sleep solution for you.

Does benedryl and stuff like that just do nothing for you?

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I can’t take antihistamines because it makes my RLS really really bad. But it also doesn’t really make me sleepy when I have been desperate enough to try it.

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There really isn’t much more to try,

I hope you get some good rest soon.

Would a different benzo make you sleep better?

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They only one I haven’t tried is valium. Don’t know if it would help more or not. Didn’t think to ask, but I definitely will if the Lunesta doesn’t work out.

The Klonopin helps about half the time but only helps me fall asleep for an hour or so if it works at all.

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This is normal for me. I’m told it’s cognitive issues and some of us have them pretty badly.

It could be from the lack of sleep though. That makes mine worse.


I get confused and have a difficult time making decisions.

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I get confused before an episode. All is Dream-like. I can’t think straight…

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I’ve been confused about so many things. I really hate it. It complicates my life and makes it worse. I don’t want to be negative. I wish I could go back to the 90s even though I understood less life was better for me mentally.

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I get the same way. I get confused when trying to follow directions. I get confused when I read too. I mix up information.

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