Confused, could be delusional about religious things

When I pray it seems that God is helping me pray using groans from within me. I will have groans/urghes at the end of my prayer to pray for a girl friend. That starts to give me faith that he is speaking to me with other things. Just like minor things like play the drums, watch T.V. , read the bible. When I pray it is obvious that God or something is putting thoughts in my head to pray for.
Does anybody have advice? Who is telling me to do things. God or the demons? I doubt that God would speak to me that much through out the day.

I used to hear a heavenly choir and think certain people were angels. They say we have too much dopamine in our brains.

God is speaking to you. I too hear the voice of God. A lot of schizophrenics do. Jake, don’t deny the voice of God you hear, things will come good. Keep up the praying. I pray too. God is Love.

There is nothing wrong with the things you are praying for…just don’t enforce your will on someone when praying for a girlfriend, you can ask God for the right Gf for you…(better off asking for wife though as that’s what God would want)
God leads us to pray and will put it in our heads sometimes what to pray for and urge you when to pray. that’s actually a good thing since most people think prayer can only be done at specific times, or has to be in church or done a certain way…and check this out…

Romans 8;26
'Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us[ with groanings which cannot be uttered."

Groan away!


Thanks Karl, you are definitely making me think. Maybe I’m over thinking about this. I just get really fearful of getting delusional again. Thanks for the support. I like your response. My favorite response anybody has given to me on this site.

Thanks for the advice e_lunaseer. Yeah I’ve heard of that verse before about groanings from the holy spirit.