Confused and scared

So while I was in the hospital the doctor said that people with schizophrenia don’t have out of themselves hallucinations and idk if that’s true, it had me confused and unsure about everything. I was doing well on Seroquel and since I was taken off of them I guess I’ve been doing"okay" I’ve had two “episodes” where I see things and get really paranoid and even scared and I try to ignore it. He said he thought it was PTSD and I’m not sure… I’m really confused and maybe even scared… I don’t wanna be the way I was before and I’m even losing weight and my massive appetite has gone down dramatically I’m just confused

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What do you mean by out of themselves hallucinations?

@Moon like seeing things in the physical reality… Outside of the person out of the mind

That’s just wildly untrue lol. I hate to say it but your Dr is wrong

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Why did they take you off of your medication again?

Like an out of body experience? I imagine they are rare, but idk why sz wouldn’t be able to have one.

You need a second opinion with another pdoc

Why did they take you off of Seroquel? Was it not working?

@Moon it was at the hospital
@Wave I was at the hospital for suicidal ideation and the doctor believed that I have PTSD and yeah I’ve had PTSD for a while but he believed I’ve never had schizophrenia but PTSD instead
@Beep like just seeing something in the real world that isn’t really there… He said that it doesn’t happen to people with sz or sza

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@ZmaGal my nurse said it’s possible it was PTSD and wants to keep me off the meds as long as I’m doing relatively well
@Cragger the doctor at the hospital believes it’s PTSD and the fact that I am in a much more stable environment may have stopped the hallucinations and not the meds


I have schizophrenia and PTSD. I’m on prazosin for the PTSD and it works well. I have vivid hallucinations at night where I was waking up screaming, and since taking the med, I don’t have them anymore.

That is patently false.

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