Confused and mixedup

Hi everyone, I’m new here! I’m so confused with this illness.

Hey mixed - welcome. Yeah I find this illness confusing. It can effect people in very different ways.

ur welcome mixed… :grinning:

welcome @mixedup we’ve all been there I guess… some people stay confused :o) try browsing the forum more and read posts, I learned a lot from this site

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Hey :smile: welcome! We all go through it, hope this site can help you get rid of that confusion. It did for me.

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Hi @mixedup, welcome

Confusion is a symptom, I get it during every relapse.
I say and do stupid things, but my pdoc (psychiatrist) reminded me yesterday, its just an illness and we take
medicine for it.
There is so much to learn about this illness, but then I just forget all about it anyway.
Then I have to be reminded just take medicine and you’ll get better.

It may take a long time to find the right one and the dosage, but there is hope that you only get better with time. :smile:


I feel persecuted by a group of people .They create the voices I hear all the time. The voices tell me to kill myself in violent ways and worse still to hurt other people. I feel permanently confused. People can read my mind and put thoughts in my head.

I’m so sorry! Can I thankyou for your replies

Yo buy the book surviving schizophrenia 6th edition

It is our holy book

No one can read your mind. It’s your own mind playing tricks on you. This illness sucks big time.
Don’t listen to the voices, they can’t hurt you or make you hurt other people. Only you have that choice and I’m sure you’ll find out sooner or later that you’re stronger than the voices.


Get medical help urgently.

You’re experiencing symptoms of your schizophrenia. Take you’re medication as prescribed, talk to a psychiatrist, and stay in touch with family and friends. These will help you. You can help yourself by keeping the same sleep schedule every night, eating healthy meals, exercising and try to do something fun or entertaining sometimes. A support group might help where you can meet other people like yourself.

I’m deeply confused about it as well since explaining the irrational can only be explained irrationally. And I’d talk to someone if your having those thoughts. However welcome

My holy book is the bible. Being in contact with Jesus Christ can help protect one from some problems.

Yea I read Surviving Schizophrenia by E. Fuller Torrey when it came out in 1983 and bought an update in like 1996 or so. It sorta depressed me at the time.
It explained a lot that had been happening to me but meds sucked at the time.

To new people : Rather than reading all the clinical details, I just like to offer a message of hope that things can get better.
It may take a lot of time, but time can heal old bleeding wounds.
Meds are much better now and there are many to choose from but it make take a while to find the right one and dose.

This place is helpful because even doctors that talk to people will never really understand what it feels like.
Some docs can be condescending and that really annoyed me.
So finding the right doctor that fits your personality can be tough with limited or no choice sometimes.
But keep at it and you can find and be a winner!

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