Confused about my identity

My mind is racing and blank at the same time. I’m going through an identity crisis. I want to change my name. I regret changing my name when I became Muslim, only realised afterwards you don’t have to if it has a good meaning. Now I’m confused about who I am. What name to use.

Why this identity crisis? Is it part of sza?

I changed my name when I was younger. I’m not Muslim. I just didn’t want my father’s last name and I didn’t like who I was named after. I don’t know if that’s a sza thing or not. I took my grandfather’s middle name as my last name, and dropped my middle name completely.

That is a part of self-denial I guess. Your name is your identity. Maybe when you stick to your family who they are and accept it. You got a genetic code and DNA inherited from your parents.

You are you regardless of your name, your religion, etc. You can change all of those things again. They aren’t you. But I get that it’s stressful.

I’ve never had an identity crisis so I don’t think it’s a sza thing.

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Many people go through identity crises it doesn’t have to be a mental health issue necessarily. Mid life crises for example are a type of identity crisis.

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