Confused About it All

I don’t know, it’s a joke isn’t it? I confess, psychiatry hasn’t helped me much. Just. tired. of. it. all. I want to believe in myself. I want to believe again, for once, that I am not broken like my mom. I want to wipe the past away, wipe the slate clean. I don’t want to believe in this ANYMORE!

I got a friend diagnosed with schizo but not on antipsychotic,just antidepressant and some supplement

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It’s a long road. I was first diagnosed in 1985 or so. It has only been recently that I’ve felt hope of finally escaping, or at least being able to manage. I hope it doesn’t take you as long.

Keep at the medicine, if one combo doesn’t work try another, over and over again. And take them, can’t stress that enough. If you don’t take them as prescribed then no combo will work.

It took me many, many years, and a medication delivery program, to comply with medication. I still even slip sometimes to this day.

I don’t mean to say that you aren’t trying, I’m just tossing out general suggestions, trying to help.

Can I get an Amen brother… AMEN… thank you good friend in the back. :clap:

If you just sort of “half ass” the meds, you’re not going to be in a good boat. You got to take them, and take them correctly. Like did NOT improve for me until we got the meds right. Then once I was stable and had a good long period of functional days, then we could work on decreasing the dose. Tiny by tiny.

I would LOVE to be med free and with help under a good doctor who I trust, I bet I’ll get there. But this is going to take years.

No, I’ve taken Abilify for 8 years. And at least, 4 of those years without interruption. It’s getting in the way. It’s making me depressed. I’m wondering if I should just stick with Strattera, the antidepressent/stimulant. But, Abilify, while it does cause nerve tension and weight gain --I can’t tell if it truly helps as much as it could. I am a little confused and I don’t want to take BOTH strattera and abilify, because they work differently and not well for me side by side.

I felt more on Strattera, and on Abilify I thought more. Abilify makes me OCD.

I’m sorry to say, I don’t have much experience with the meds your on. With every med being such and personal and individual thing there is no way I’d know what to tell you.

all can tell you is journal your med reactions, and bring it up with your doc. I would never tell someone to go it alone in the med readjusting trip.

Yeah, true. I possibly made a mistake in skipping Abilify last night although I feel ok. I slept well. the problem is the weather sucks and I can’t schedule an appointment because I was put on an on call basis, which basically means they are neglecting my mental health. I’m going to see a new psychiatrist, perhaps one with their own practice. Sick of this BS. Just the randomness of it all, when I’m fine and this gets sprung on me! Then my RX rating was at 65 or 70 percent and that’s not even true. I stopped caring now. I’ve been taking the prescribed meds diligently for the past 8 years despite my own problems and social misfortunes. I can see it’s involvement in my downfall, because I am made to feel powerless it feels.