Confronting a stranger on my property


I went to escort my dog to my bedroom where he sleeps, and I suddenly hear talking outside of my bedroom window.

I rolled up the shades and because it is dark and nighttime, I finally see this guy on my driveway talking to someone on his cell phone.

Instead of freaking out and cowering with paranoia, I quickly turned on the porch light and confronted him, asking him if I could help him.

Turns out he was a lost delivery guy looking for an address so he can deliver food. As he approached me to get directions, I told him to stop and come no further -afterall he was a stranger.
Turned out legit, but it was a scary situation for someone as paranoid and anxious as me - but I was proud of myself to face the fear


It is all about confronting our initial thought then it carries out normally. Good for you courage is all that we need.


good on you…that is huge progress.
take care :alien:


I think you handled it well, especially considering what symptoms you have. Well done sir!


Great instincts!


Effective and efficient.


Good job wave. I used to be a delivery driver so I know the guys predicament I’m glad you were reasonable with him.


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Great! You assessed the situation and made a good decision. He was just a delivery guy and you helped him out. He had a flip phone I assume? He could have looked up the directions on his own otherwise.

You did well to overcome fear. You are courageous.


Think how paranoid you would be if you hadn’t confronted him.


That was a really assertive thing you did - well done.


**You go @Wave!!! **