Confirmation of beliefs

“Confirmation bias is on some level a form of delusion. It’s a way of reshaping reality to fit an unconscious belief or desire, often by discounting contradictory evidence . Our brains are bombarded with huge amounts of data, day in, day out.”

this is the hardest thing for me to overcome when it comes to the paranoia and delusions i have had in the past…though im not psychotic or delusional, sometimes the same patterns of paranoid thinking creep in and set me back…I think I am either schizoaffective or bipolar. Im not sure. Im not sure of anything. I dont know what will happen if I stop the medication.

but so far I cant even sleep without taking it so I Have to take it. Im in a constant manic state or something without it…not sure what that is…bipolar 1 maybe?


I only took geodon for like 7 weeks and coming off it I had major insomnia. I had to use q bit of seroquel to fall asleep for a few weeks.

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I take clozapine to sleep. Without it I stay awake. You’re not alone on this one.

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