Confidence better or worse?

Has yours got better or worse or stayed the same? For me it has got worse in line with the anxiety being more persistent and all encompassing.
A prime example of this is my nervousness at the prospect of buying a new computer and needing someone to help me set it up.
That wasn’t always the case. I have bought and set up new computers myself albeit with a little difficulty. Now I just don’t have the confidence. I am constantly thinking of what can go wrong and needing others to do it for me.
I don’t know whether this is a worsening of illness or confidence naturally diminishes as you get older.

I have ups and downs. Somedays I think I can take things other days I feel I’m not capable…

confident with some things, not with others. perform a job task, confident, ask me to lead a team, not so much. I think you can do it @firemonkey, setting up a computer of yesteryear is far more difficult than the plug and play machines of today. if age is a factor, there is no embarrassment in getting a little help, just don’t let it shake your confidence.

It’s about the same with me - that is, low. I never had much confidence.