Condition is so messed up

Doubting reality as if its not real is even worse.
Balancing between real and unreal is hard.

I doubted my friend if is he even real.

The hard fact to digest is:
Its like people who take illegal drug knows that they would go high or hallucinate, after consuming.
But due to this condition, without it, I go high and I realise only after a day or two, and that is even scarier.

How can you know when you are hallucinating?

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Truth is, you can’t always know.
If you’re with someone you can trust, you can ask if they saw/heard/smelled what you experienced.

Sometimes logic works. You know “okay, it smells like vomit in here, but I have not vomited, my clothes are clean, and there’s no reason there’d be vomit on anything in the house. It’s probably a hallucination”.


I agree. I thought people were projections or fake too. I don’t hallucinate. Not sure which condition is worse.


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