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OK, the loser upstairs keeps audibly sighing and moaning. I just got home from a long trip and I’m tired, mentally and physically. His tricks are nothing new. When I try to relax, he does this sht. His goal for his own selfish gain is to make it so I can’t defend myself. I’m big but he’s a bigger, crazier dude. I yelled up to him to fck off and he stopped for a little while then started up again.


I’m sorry he’s being so cruel. That’s super frustrating. :frowning: Where did you go on your trip?

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Just from San Jose to Sacramento with my sisters to visit my step-mom, a two hour drive. It was lunch outside and conversation and catching up (and a little nap).

That’s super fun! Have you continued to spend time with folks during the pandemic? Have you been with the fam other times recently?

Trade you for my neighbour with three dogs who lets them out to pee every thirty seconds and yells at them while they’re outside and only ever slams the door closed? Wife is torqued at me after I screamed at him to shut the feck up yesterday afternoon.

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