Concert Pharmaceuticals Presents Preclinical Data on CTP-692, a Novel Drug Candidate for Schizophrenia, Supporting Potential to Improve Safety Profile of D-Serine



Sounds interesting.

CTP-692 is a deuterium-modified analog of endogenous D-serine. Based on documented effects of D-serine, the Company is pursuing the development of CTP-692 as a treatment of schizophrenia by potentially restoring NMDA receptor activity in key disease-related areas of the brain. CTP-692 is expected to have similar pharmacology to D-serine with the potential for an improved safety profile and improved clinical outcomes in the treatment of schizophrenia. Concert is developing CTP-692 as an adjunctive therapy administered in addition to standard antipsychotic medicines with the potential to improve both positive and negative symptoms as well as cognitive function in patients with schizophrenia.

If you’re wondering why not just D-Serine, apparently it might affect kidney function, but this deuterated version isn’t supposed to.


Hopefully it works out all right, iv tried D-serine and it made me feel really sick that i threw it up.