Concerned for my cousin

The only contact I have with him is he likes my posts. I don’t what I can do to make sure he’s ok. I tried to call and text several times but he doesn’t respond. I sincerely hope nothing bad has happened.

He likes your posts here ? On Instagram ? Where ?
What could have happened to him ? Is he mentally ill ?

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I have only instagram and snapchat. He’s seen and liked my Instagram posts but that’s the only real contact we’ve had.

Not here. This my private zone.

The last I heard he was depressed.

Maybe that is the reason.
I too have contacts on FB who ask me how I am doing, I respond and then ask them the same thing. Guess what, they never answer…

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what’s your Insta @anon80629714. I wanna follow you

I’m sorry as my insta has my real name I don’t give out it’s nothing personal but I don’t want to reveal my id here.


ok then. I respect that. mine is not personal. I have a nickname.

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