Concept sketch for tattoo

This is a concept sketch for my fiancées tattoo

Work in progress

Also… I am getting better at skeletons (exaggeration of neck and other areas intentional here)


I personally do not understand why anyone would want to damage their skin with ink in any way

when I was a little girl, around the 1970 timeframe, my parents would have friends who came from WWII, with tatoos on their arms, which by that time just looked like a ‘splotch’. so, when you are 50+ years old, whatever your ink stain starts out to be, will become just a splotch that you will be embarassed by.



The spreading of ink and distortion of tattoos is due to many factors some of which have been fixed, the rest is up to the individual. That aside I have many tattoos :slight_smile:

Once again a nice drawing, wish i could do it.

Could you draw me something?

A guy cringing with a shadow person dipping into his brain harmfully, the guy should have a look of pain and his body should show discomfort while the shadow person is doing it.

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I could do that, but will it cause you issues with your psychosis?

No it won’t.

I think about them often and it never does anything.

Maybe you could also have the shadow person whispering into the guy’s ear.

Can you remind me as well, my memory is just a piece of goop now and i won’t know to look for it when you post it.

Mine are fine… it was the ink or the method they used in WW2 .

Also, it’s an incentive not to gain or lose too much weight as that and even bulk body building can alter a tattoo. It takes a lot to stretch or break one though but I have seen them. I went from having 12 - 13" arms to having 16+" arms in 4 years and the circular shield tattoo stayed the same, maybe slightly oval but hardly noticeable…but I’ve seen a couple guys who really bulked up and got stretch marks that literally split a tattoo… probably because of location on upper chest & shoulder which is prone to stretch marks in some people…

well, just wait till your in your 60s… then see how attractive it is… bet you’ll be sorry you did it along with anyone else who sees it

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Id get a tattoo myself, but there is nothing that i want, i desire nothing at all at this point and can’t think of anything to permantly mark on myself.

Can one get a tattoo of nothing at all? Maybe that is what i should get, a blank canvas perhaps?

Or maybe a guy just staring at a wall?

I would never actually tattoo that on myself though.

I am the one with no tattoo at all, nothing to tattoo at all.

Here is a great tattoo, possibly the best i’ve ever seen, thats not a joke, this is probably the best i’ve ever seen.

Here’s news: skin looks really bad after a certain age – how many 80 year-olds do you see with smooth, luminous, runway-ready skin? When you get old, your skin will look dry and crinkly whether it’s illustrated or not. I’ll take my flabby, early-bird-special arms in full-color sleeves over the standard spider veins and age spots any day.

this is what I think of when anybody any age gets a tat

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I have 6 pretty cool tattoos - I also have 2 on one ear piercings - I think tattoos and piercings look nice, especially on women - My type of Gal - as seen below

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Actually a few of those aren’t bad at all…the first couple actually enhance their skin, as you cannot even spot any of the sagging, wrinkles, etc…except in the faces of course.
And why in the world do they put people in their 50s as 'seniors?" I’ve known a couple people around 68 and 70 that would have a real serious problem with that naming, LOL…and they don’t even look that old, maybe looks wise in their 50s.
Plus if you exercise and take care of your body you won’t age as fast as some people. I’ve seen plenty of people in their early - mid 40s, even 30s looking way older than me…probably due to drugs, excessive drinking or whatever…but I used to swear a dude would be older than me and then say he’s like 10 years younger…

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My gran has tattoos, shes 92. They basically diamond type dots made into patterns. I love them :smiley: And I love your sketches… brilliant :thumbsup:


Awe…this would look cute at any age…


great work of art…you never disappoint

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Because at age 50, you qualify for your “AARP” card (American Association of Retired People). That is if you pay for the membership-naturally. Their card gets you many discounts at participation stores, insurance, and educates in legal and practical matters. Senior discounts are great, I will take any discount I qualify for, I don’t care what you call me as long as I get a discount.