Concentration - help?

Hi Guys,

I’m on paliperidone or xeplion injections i think its call invega in the US. My concentration is really poor because of it. I can only really seem to hold my attention on something for about 20 minutes. I cant see to work a full hour at anything. I can only seem to do about 2 hours work per day.

To make matters worse/better I was recently offered a phd in something and I need to be concentrate. My supervisor knows my mental health status but its really annoying me that I cant function at peak.

Im currently on 150 mg xeplion. Are there any techniques or things I can do to increase my concentration.


Try adderal…be careful consolt doc minimul dose…ect…i dont know if a doc will give you this with sz…i was givin it pre diagnosis its like focused mania…


I wont see him for another two months but ill try and remember to tell him. To be honest i dont like my current psych doc. I don’t think he will prescribe anything for me.

I need a technique or something.

Have many people on the board had problems with their concentration?

How did you get over the concentration problems ?

I had issues concentrating on 150mg too. Then I lowered to 100mg and it was okay. I assumed I was still too psychotic really, not from the med. I’m not sure if it is actually, if you’re on 150mg then you must have had strong psychosis recently, otherwise it’s a very high dose.

Good observation.

I was pretty bad in February and i was put on the injection in March.

But I’m in Ireland and my psych doc is Greek. He is not very good. (edit: in my opinion) I don’t have a good relationship with him.

I read the treatment protocol though for this side of the pond and 150 mg is the recommended starting dose.

Thanks for your response. I was told that the dose would be lowered to 100 mg in a few months so its something to look forward too.

Right after the episodes, I couldn’t concentrate enough to read a single paragraph, and I had been an avid reader until then. Now, I have little problems reading (although I do avoid thick novels). I got my Bachelor’s and Master’s a few years after my last hospitalization and here is what I learned:

concentration can be built up from scratch.

there are some apps like mind game style apps for free that are designed to improve concentration

Start reading — anything at all, news articles, computer programming manuals, comic strips, anything that you can tolerate.

Don’t beat yourself up for not being able to concentrate: it’s a sz thing, it takes time to build up concentration from scratch. Be patient with yourself.

I can’t stress that last part: be patient with yourself.
I’m on 15 mg Abilify, 60 mg prozac, 150 mg lamictal, and like 50 mg buspar, and I can concentrate better now with sarcosine, in addition to playing those apps. Sarcosine is supposed to help with all the negative symptoms including lack of concentration. I also take piracetam now and then, a nootropic (smart drug) for enhanced focus.

Good luck on your PhD program! I’m waiting on decisions from one school’s doctoral program.


Its a PhD in Education. I really appreciate the advice. I have made efforts to start reading, by buying the paper and reading online but its sooo slow.

Anyone else got concentration solutions?

I had issues with my doctors as well when they put me on this med, but turns out they were right and professionals, so you can be wrong :slight_smile: Yes, 150mg is the starting dose.

Kudos on going back to functionality so quickly though !

Thanks but im only semi functional. I cant seem to do anything for more than two hours per day.

I only got the Phd because i rang them up and told them my idea. I have to self fund it. So we will see how i get on sourcing funding and getting other bits and pieces ready.

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I’ve tried pramiracetam to increase my concentration. It worked but very slightly. Others swear by it, so maybe it’s worth a try after all.
EDIT: you don’t need prescription for it.

Do psych docs in the States prescribe it? Its a good idea its just will the doc actually give it to me…

I don’t live in the States, so I can’t answer that one.

Sorry i thought you were American. I did a google for that drug and its not available here… according to a message board.

Other options include aniracetam and modafinil. Maybe they can be found in Ireland too?
Dunno much, I live in Romania :wink:
Good luck.

They are ADHD drugs.

I’ll give it a go next time I see him. But with the way he is i just dont think i will get much out of it.

Provigil or armodafinil may help even people without adhd or sleeping problems. I have a script.for it.although I only take it on important days. Like clinical/work days, exams. It really gave me razor sharp senses, and I can focus better. As to the concentration try the pomodoro method for tasks.

Hi Martin,
I don’t know if this response helps, but I take the Invega tablets. I used to read lots too before my illness and was devastated that I couldn’t even read a magazine after I started in Invega. My concentration was so poor that I couldn’t even watch my favourite tv show. It took about eight or nine months on the medication and it miraculously picked up again. Now I can read novels, watch TV and work. I also taught my daughter to read. My point is, if it’s from the meds, you might just need time. I also take lexapro and I think this helps too. Good luck and congrats on the PH.D… How very exciting


It sure does help. Sharing with others on how they are getting on and the recovery they have had is really good.

Its great to hear your side of the recovery process especially the good sides

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