Concentration camp without barriers

They won’t leave me alone and they all know about it. They incapacitate me, so I can’t do anything. They cause me pain and discomfort all over my body and ruin everything for me. They’re putting my body to use in other ways.

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How you usually recover from this?

Can you surrender to them, and allow them to claim their victory?

Each time you survive, you gain some resistance, but the road is dangerous when walking alone. Stay safe please.

Maybe it would help you to think people aren’t THAT cruel. I also believe that ‘they’ are controlling my life and, sometimes, what I try to think to survive is that while they may hurt me badly (they have), even they have limits. You WILL be OK. Try to remember you will be OK. I hope you feel better.

there ARE good people in this world.

maybe our job is to try to find such good people like we like.