Computer science majors?

Does anybody here have a computer science major?

In the 80’s I started out seeking such a degree. But the competition was incredible.

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I wanted to study artificial intelligence!
I wonder if I can make it happen

I took programming for a couple languages. Some of the students in my class would hang out in the computer lab for greater than 40 hours a week.

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That sounds like fun yet frustrating maybe…
Did you ever get your degree?

No, I didn’t get that degree. Life had a way of asking other things of me.

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Thanks Jayster!
Im going to go to try and go to coding boot camp
And see if I learn something there …
Im hoping to work at home!
And I think a major in computer science will help me with that

They told us that if you learn computer programing, you have to have an application. Therefore, I took accounting as well as computer courses.

I have a BS in CS.

I think I was expecting the time of smart glasses to come much sooner. Now my degree may be more useful.

Can you get a job with google or Tesla with that degree?

I haven’t yet. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t.

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It’s a pretty handy degree isn’t it?
It can land you a job pretty easily?
I was planning on getting a degree in computer science and then going to programming boot camp and hope I can land a job with Tesla or google
Or any big company like that

It is a handy degree.

Probably the easiest job do get with a CS degree is one in software support. Believe it or not, big, complicated software has bugs. That’s why the 737 Max 8 crashed. Feature bloat. So, big companies want someone qualified to sit on the phone and try to handle angry customers. You can move up from there.

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