Computer question

My computer is saying 98% available (plugged in,not charging) I checked battery status and it is ok. Is it true that a battery won’t charge unless it drops below a certain level? It used to say 100% available but it’s possible I could have been unplugged for a short while as the thing was slightly out of the hole.

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Sorry I have no idea. My laptop won’t work when i insert the battery. Never tried buying a new one just leave it connected to the mains.

Batteries stop chargn after a cartain threshold , all the laptops I have behave in this way

Usually about 93% and up

You obviously have full power when you remove from the mains?

Are battery readings on a laptop really that reliable? I mean, after a certain amount of years it has to be unreliable. Batteries wear out, so do the computer parts that read the battery’s available energy.

Has to be a 1-5% error on my laptop. Mine says 97% despite being plugged in all day.

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Ahh just rip the battery out and buy a new one w/ a new cord too and it’ll work just like new.

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Powered down to 94%. Put plug back in and it charged to 100%.

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