Computer is laughing at me

i can’t help it, but when I am on my computer and the internet doesn’t want to work, then I believe the computer is laughing at me. My husband says to me I musn’t speak to my computer, that its a dead thing and that im acting silly. But it is laughing at me like it is getting happy that I am mad at it and like its getting the upper hand, like it won the battle. Am I delusional? Is it classified as a delusion?

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I’m sorry you having this happen to you. How much computer time are you clocking? When I used to be on too much I would believe it was judging me and thinking of ways to make me feel worse and implant ideas into my head.

Writing a book, you might be on a lot and that might make you feel worse. I try and limit myself to about two hours before I go to work and a little in the evening and my paranoia about my computer faded.

If my computer is really acting up and I begin to think it’s "doing it on purpose just to make me ill… " I have to shut it off, back away and ask my sis to fix it.

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It’s not lauging at you…nah, the internet is full of glitches.
Turn the computer off, count to ten (as if it’s a bad child) turn it back on and see if that doesn’t help.

Laught t it or with it I say

You can laugh in a garden?

@Hadeda did you adjust your medications recently? You were having other problems with mood and thought - Maybe its time

Wires crossing, it wasn’t the person on television making that awful face at me, it was them using the image of the face on television to hurt me in my mind.

Scurvy basstards, arrrghhhhh, it be them in me mind.

I would classify that as a hallucination. I think it would kinda freak me out if my computer started laughing at me because I wouldn’t be able to make it stop. I’d probably end up smashing it. I recently saw the lipstick on my dresser fly off onto the floor, but that’s a different kinda situation I guess.