Computer chips in mental patients?

What if it was a chip that measured your neurotransmitter levels.

You realize they already know where you are if you have a cell phone. You don’t even need to make a call.

I was thinking about it earlier. It should be a an option for people getting brain surgeries. Subsidized cost for research purposes. They could really monitor the fluctuations in people of all types and learn more about how neurotransmitters are effected by food, different meds, and all that other jazz.

Then maybe we could crack the code on how to live our best. Which is different for each of us.

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If chipping MI patients is in the future, I would say it’s still a ways off.

Because one major issue with elderly people with dementia is that they engage in “wandering” and many of them will often wander off without direction and get lost. Even memory care nursing homes often have to go to great lengths with tall fences, electronic security doors, etc to keep residents safe from wandering away in the elements and getting lost.

These people are probably the most vulnerable people in the world in terms of getting lost on their own, as they are often physically frail with other physical health problems, and they can’t hardly make decisions for themselves and are often not lucid enough to ask for help.

And yet, these people are not being “chipped” because that is still considered wrong. At most, they might have a GPS device that is put in their shoe or something.

Some examples:

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I’ve had a computer chip in my shoulder for the last 35 years. Pacemaker. I carry a non-implanted chip around with me all the time now. Smart phone. I can be tracked thru it and then some. It would make my hell easier if I could have the phone implanted, too.


that might be possible soon, my mum has a cochlear implant in her head that goes through the cochlear part of the ear to stimulate the hairs in that part so she can hear, the implant has a noise adjustment device much like a mobile phone, me and my dad use to joke that she could pick up the radio with it and stuff, i am sure they could have incorporated that into their technology but thay didnt, i think it would be easy, bluetooth on it or something.

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Should have been make my LIFE easier. I have no idea how auto-correct inserted THAT word on me. My life generally isn’t hellish unless dealing with bureaucrats.

In NJ, when a family member takes the car and starts driving aimlessly around the countryside, we get a “silver alert” on our cell phones and on the big signs over the roadway telling us the person’s make and model of his car and the license plate number. They are called “silver alerts.”

Please give me some more information as to how I could obtain such a device. i have deafness in my left ear. Sound and noise is distorted to such a degree that my ideas of those realities are indecipherable.

i think you would need almost total deafness, my mum can only hear a minute amount (virtually nothing from her right ear and nothing from her left and they also factored in that she is going blind also with a degenerative disease so, its not easy to get one, there might be other options for you, i suggest you see your doctor about it.

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