Computer chips in mental patients?

Have been in counseling for a month, finally got an appt for a psychiatrist to get medicine, but these things are building…because they began by putting computer chips in pets to supposedly track them, but it’s only a step away from them doing it to select groups of humans like mental patients, prisoners, or anyone the government deems a threat, trying knot, tying knots to obsess but it’s so bad that eye left without seeing the counselor last week because thought things were so bad they would force me n2 the hospital and who knows what would happen then

God, I hope they never do. I’ve had a few surgeries and thought that chips were put in my knees. I could feel them move and beep. It seemed very real, and I managed to hardcore freak out my sister with my plans to stab into my knee after surgery.

This would be unlikely to occur in countries like the U.S. that have many interest groups supporting civil rights. However, everything is possible.

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It is disturbing and difficult to avoid dwelling on it because it snowballs in my head, should eye build an igloo?

How did you overcome the process and save your knees?

I sorta didn’t. My sister is a nurse in training and was able to calm me down. I wasn’t able to walk or move the lower part of my leg. I also couldn’t touch my knees(was in a lot of pain), so I was more or less restrained. She was keeping an eye on me also. She managed to semi-convince me. I still get the paranoia that this thing is in me from time to time, but I realize it is a delusion so won’t act on it. I know it will make things worse. Idk, it is difficult. :frowning:

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No really, thank you, it is overwhelming only when it stays inside and grows, being able to discuss has relieved the pressure somewhat, just don’t know how to make it stop, it would be nice to talk to the counselor about it, but then again…

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Talking to the counselors can really help. Taking to anyone you know? I think it helps us keep our heads on straight. For reassurance, idk where you live but if you live in the states, it would be near impossible to do that to any group of people. Hope all is well :slight_smile:

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we have lots of basic human rights and freedoms that would prevent us from being chipped like a dog or cat, we are not animals that can just wander away and get lost, thats the only reason they use these chips in pets bc its for there own safety so its for good intentions,

there are other ways to track a human being though so we dont need to be chipped anyway, lots of apps on the phone that can make your phone visible, i have mine switched on just incase it was ever lost or stolen then they can track it down, but i guess you have the choice whether you want to become visible or not by having it switched on or off on your phone, you can go to a phone dealer and get it checked out if you want.

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I modified software in my phone so that all universal phone gps always believes I am somewhere in Kansas. I never move an inch as far as they know, and I don’t even live there XD. They shall not track me :grimacing:


Lol! Mine always believes I’m in Chicago, Detroit or Minneapolis. I’m often in Detroit, so at least that one makes a little sense. But I don’t get why Chicago or Minneapolis at all.

Perhaps Android doesn’t believe my actual location exists.

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Hehee. I just checked, and according to my phone, I am in some place called Black Wolf, Kansas. I googled it and it turns our it is a dead town…


idk where my phone thinks i am or if its even visible, tbh i dont really care because its only on incase my phone is lost or stolen.

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Some people DO have ex-rays showing something under the skin…This is a freak doing a bad joke during surgeries probably. It is so remote a possibility, it is irrational. I would not call this delusional as people have reported this kind of stuff and shown the Xrays to the media. Lumps can just form naturally sometimes too and go away just as naturally, no matter what the voices say. We just have to be patient through this stuff and have anything weird checked out by female doctor. In my opinion, female DR is less likely to be a psychopathic and I just feel better using these after some of the funky stuff and malpractice stories I have heard about where I’m living. It’s bad when you run out of doctors and cannot change care any more, some of the MDs here were ditching psych patients so they would not be hearing voices themselves as often. Caused some problems with the care here though…Also find crazy staff working in radiology or laboratory who are so confused they would be called a delusional. So, if you ever get any kind of weird test result, just change to a different doctor maybe at another suburb and try again before you submit to any care short of heart attack or stroke, shot/stabbed/car wrecked.

The humans don’t really even need a pet implant if you just watch kind of closely for this stuff…

If you ever visit a big city and see a lot of people talking about you (thought broadcasting), some that even chase you down to say something private about you talking loudly while they are alone and a big group of kids comes up to verbally harass you (gang stalking/remain silent), then you can appreciate how many people the government is really monitoring and all these little numbers is sitting on a board so when you walk into a cheaper restaurant these people have their ‘brain stimulated’ and begin to make rude comments about you. This is delusional which just means mental care refuses to discuss this with you. I will give you a hint about visiting the big city if you are psychotic a lot of the time still due to mental attack by ex-husband, rape, unwilling mistresses or wealthy person threatened you. The hint, if you see so many people talking about you while you are out in public or you ever see a gang stalking, you need to move farther out to the way out suburbs in order to be okay in this kind of city. Some who remain are harmed.

There is really NO reason anyone would say much about me. I’m almost dogged out 40 year old huge lady…I’m not eating a ton either…I dress okay enough & keep up the appearances of normal. Yet…Why are they even talking about me in Spanish?

Remember, if you ever get angry with the mental care, you get a forced psych hold at your own expense for as long as the pdoc can justify which usually means you lose your job and maybe housing…Detached observer can be interesting. Lots of cities work like I just explained with lots of the poor, activateable to harass someone. These places want the college trained, experienced workers bad because they won’t hire their own due to too nutty or the public schools were terrible. Any of these people who was ‘activated’ later can come up to you and explain something about your local business market – like do not discuss whatever just broke your glasses you left in your apartment or no one talks about mental anything at work if you know what is good for you. Works fine to explain you are on social security after having health problem go wrong, things are better now but I’m better if I do not work around others as they are too big a distraction, so I work from home. I also need to set my own schedule as I get frequent insomnia. Can also avoid rotating shift work…Can also say you cannot earn over $1100 a month on ssdi, ask for shorter hours or lower pay instead as accommodations. NEVER DISCUSS MENTAL ISSUES, WORRY ALOUD OR DISCUSS YOUR BACK STORY.

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When I was hospitalized, they had recording microchips in our wrist bands to listen to us.

The microchips are real. I have seen videos of people getting them implanted in their hands. The U.S. was considering using microchips as a way to keep you healthcare I formation on you at all times. Not sure if they went through with that, as I am from Canada.
There were also se schools in the U.S. wanting to use microchips to keep tabs on their students.
There has been talk about microchips being the future of our currency. No need to use a credit or debit card, just swipe your microchipped hand.
It is the mark of the beast. One day you at will not be able to buy or sell without it, just as it says in the book of Revelations. If you do not have one, you will be without currency, and frowned upon by the government and most of society.
I believe it is true.

I have an unexplained lump, behind my left ear. When I have was little, my mom told me it is just a gland that flares up when my immune system is down. If this is true, then why is it flared up and prominent all the time, for over 10 years? I highly doubt my immune system is down for that long of time. If so, I would be so I’ll and most probably dead.
It is a microchip, antenna, or some kind of broadcasting device, not a gland. It is how they read my thoughts and try to put things into my head. It is how they try to control me, through my bodies nervous systems.
I want to cut it out of me. One day I just may get desperate enough and do so.

I don’t think people want chips in their bodies. Who is the “they” that is going to do this to us?

“They” get the blame for everything

What time is it there?

10:40 am, what time is it there?

5:40 am 5:40am Five Forty AM

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