Compromising positions

So the gov sent me a letter said they were cyber attacked and all my info is compromised…

Are you kidding? That’s really frightening.

Right the letter said washington dc…official business…the person who typed it said their info was stolen too…im a paranoid sz this is scary lol…

Is there any instruction of what you have to do or is it just an fyi?

Who is supposed to have hacked it?

Dont know who did it…its offering info protection…but they lost it…lol

It’s not asking you for money or bank details or anything is it?

No lol. But if its a scam its a good one…

Maybe try searching for the letter online to see if anyone else has received it.

Is it from a specific government department or agency? Search their website to see if they have any info on the letter.

This is frightening. What are you going to do?

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