Complicated things!

So I still have a great relationship with my Ex Mrs. It’s not going anywhere because we are both as broke as and on different continents. We haven’t always been like that but I was married over 20 years ago and it’s been 18 years since we’ve separated.

Anyways. I find it good to keep in contact. My step daughter is still in my life and love her dearly. It’s hard not being able to share things overseas like her marriage and stuff but it’s still important things in their life…And I talk to my ex on the phone quite a bit over the last few years since I get cheap calls to the states.

In fact. Talked to her last night. This morning I wake up to a message saying I"m in hospital and just had a stroke! Like it still pains me that this happened and I’d imagine if things were different we’d have a good time…it’s just life is more complicated than most with the tyranny of distance. We got it done once but it cost a pretty penny. We probably get on more now than we ever did being 20 years older but it’s just so hard and impossible to be anything but a friend…which is hard as you still have those feelings…

Anyways. Needed to vent. Hoping the dear comes through all right. Early days but seems no major dramas…but sees doctor in morning. I’m hoping it’s a good prognosis!


Here’s hoping she’ll be alright! Try not to worry too much matey.

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Sorry to hear this @rogueone - fingers crossed it will be all ok

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