Completely awake within a dream

Last night Ilayed down to sleep. I began to drift off and my ears began to ring, so loud that it was almost unbearable. I also felt intense vibrations all around me. I then woke up, or so I thought, and walked outside. It was daylight out and there was a helicopter flying over blasting an announcement on loudspeakers. During this time I felt completely awake as I am right now which is something that has never happened before but I realized I might be in a dream because things didn’t seem right. I began to try to escape the dream but couldn’t and went into a panic and screaming altho my screams didn’t make a sound that I could hear. I finally woke up and was scared to go back to sleep and get trapped in another dream.

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Sounds like it was an out of body experience and not a dream.

I’d love to have one.

Lucid dreaming. I have it pretty often. But I can usually decide to wake up if I want to.

When the vibrations were happening it literally felt like I was being sucked into another dimension. It was incredible. But also very scary

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I’ve had sleep paralysis before but never to where I felt this “awake” before and never for this long. It seemed like I was stuck in the dream for a much longer time

Do you have the vibrations and ear ringing?

I’ve had it in some recurring nightmares, yes. Maybe you got some weird mix of sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming.

From approximately 1997 to September 11, 2001 I had a series of very surreal and dark dreams about the future. In the early morning hours of September 11, 2001, I had a vivid dream in a desert location. Two guys were violently wrestling in the dirt / sand. There were boulders all around and I knew I had been in this location before. I also knew the two men that were violently wrestling were brothers.

I started to hear a voice scream, “Emergency, Emergency” over and over again, so much so, I woke up from the dream and for the first time in my life heard a disembodied voice – it was still screaming “Emergency, Emergency” over and over. I got up and went around my room first and then the house trying to find out where this voice was coming from, it was always in my ears but no where else. I never could locate the source of the voice.

A thought came to mind that I should turn on CNN on the TV; so I did, just in time to see a plane one of the WTC Towers.

The voice went away. I sat and watched the TV all that day. Within less than a year I was “floridly psychotic” and begrudgingly got on medication.

It has 16 years. I am still alive and have learned A Whole Lot …

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Did it feel like you were completely lucid inside the dream?

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